Ryncosmos, LLC Has Joined LowCarbonEconomy.com, the Energy B2B Network

New York City, September 14, 2012 – Ryncosmos, LLC today announced it has joined the Low Carbon Economy website (www.lowcarboneconomy.com) with its own company profile and information pages.

Low Carbon Economy’s B2B networking website is a free platform designed to facilitate the transition to a low carbon economy by connecting people and businesses with relevant information, solutions and opportunities.  LCE brings together energy companies throughout the world to share many different ideas and solutions that help its members understand which solutions are relevant and where to find them. There is an urgent need to transition to a low carbon economy and to address the global challenges of diminishing fossil fuel reserves, climate change, environmental management and finite natural resources serving an expanding world population.

With a circulation of 25,000, LCE content also appears in its weekly newsletter.