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Stamford Advocate

An article Greenwich Man Targets Auto Industry for Carbon Dioxide Technology was published in Stamford Advocate in the 5/17/2012 issue. The article profiles Donald G. Rynne and his Strataclear technology.

"Strataclear® has been under development since 2007, when Rynne first encountered the genesis of the technology on a trip to Tokyo. He started Greenwich-based Ryncosmos to support the product and teamed with Auburn University to test and refine Strataclear."

Huff Post Green

In a recent article in Huffington Post Putting Cap and Trade back into Play, Donald G. Rynne, founder of Ryncosmos, LLC, writes about emission trading, a market-based approach to reduction of air pollutants, among them greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. In the article he writes:

"The logic of creating a national cap and trade system is going to become increasingly obvious as new technologies give the power to reduce carbon emissions not only to businesses, industries and utilities, but also to ordinary citizens."