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The marvel of Strataclear™

Strataclear™ technology has no competition. There is nothing like it anywhere. It captures dangerous carbon dioxide gas in any combustion that produces a carbon footprint. Not only does it reduce carbon dioxide, but the additional technology marvel is that in the process of accomplishing this reduction it captures the residual waste material in solid form which has potential uses worldwide, thereby creating an additional profit center for the technology.

Third party evaluation of the Strataclear™ technology has been obtained at the „Program for Advanced Vehicle Evaluation” at Auburn University. The test results are available on its website. Moreover, Auburn University is participating in further refinement of the Strataclear™ technology on its campus, as our associate.

How Does It Work?

Strataclear™ is installed in the car or truck. The after-market vehicles can be retrofitted, and new vehicles will be already equipped with this technology.

The muffler and the resonator have been eliminated and replaced by the Strataclear™ system. The cartridges are located in the available space in the car, and the cartridge is made easily accessible for replacement.

The exhaust gases, after passing the catalytic converter, enter the Strataclear™ exhaust treatment system. Here, CO2 is absorbed, and the purified exhaust with reduced CO2 content is emitted from the tailpipe. The absorber is solid, and does not change its form, one can drive with a fresh or exhausted cartridge without any difference in the engine performance. The cartridge can be easily replaced at the gas station.

Strataclear™ system for home heating

Home heating and hot water production for home use is a large consumer of fossil fuels, mostly gas and heating oil. Strataclear™ system for the home use reduces the emissions of CO2 by up to 50%. The water flowing to the faucet or circulating in hot water heating system is routed through heat exchangers, and is heated, both by the exhaust gases and by the latent heat of the absorption reaction. This way one needs less fuel to increase the water temperature, resulting in up to 37% savings.

There are many different designs of home water heating systems and Strataclear™ system can be used in any of them.

The future of Strataclear™ technology

The world is in dire need of Strataclear technology. Strataclear is well ahead of the curve, obtaining results today, that nations are mandating to be in place by 2020.

Nothing gets greener than this

Strataclear technology is the future